SEO For Beginners Tutorial – 3 – How To Help Spiders And Crawlers

SEO For Beginners Tutorial – 3 – How To Help Spiders And Crawlers
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  1. Elemental
    Elemental says:

    This is a great video for beginners of SEO and actually does touch on a
    number of important points but there is still a few things that you should
    point out.

    First off you do not have to have every page linked off the homepage as
    long as you have a link to a sitemap.xml file on the homepage google will
    be able to crawl all the pages as it works as a directory system for the

    Secondly you can have text in an image as long as you go the correct meta
    descriptions everything will be perfectly fine.

    But apart from that everything else is fine.

    Source – i work as an SEO manager

  2. paokgiapanta7
    paokgiapanta7 says:

    what does he mean by links? is he saying you should put links for certain
    videos in other videos of your website?

  3. Flavio Andrade
    Flavio Andrade says:

    if i went to random web pages and commented my website name in the comment
    section, will my SEO improve?

  4. Gemma Orrock
    Gemma Orrock says:

    Finding your tutorials really useful, thank you. Hit a wall with MUV so
    working on SEO. Quick question ‘avoid text in images’ I plan a website
    redesign in October for a travel blog. I like the blogs which have large
    images with the continent name / country name in an imagine and then reader
    clicks the image to reveal a country profile (bit of blurb then all their
    blog links for that country). Is this the kind of thing you suggest to
    avoid? Cheers

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