Seo In Guk And Kim Jinhwan

Seo In Guk And Kim Jinhwan
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”MD61PRt5rRU” title=”Seo In Guk And Kim Jinhwan” upload_time=”2016-04-11T14:12:57.000Z” description=”they are cute aren’t they~ Sorry I can’t help it ^^” duration=”PT4M44S”]

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  1. Dark D.U
    Dark D.U says:

    Nah they are so cute. Hope that Jin Hwan and In Guk keep contact after the
    show. In Guk help Jin Hwan so much in Mari & I.

  2. ChaD Umi
    ChaD Umi says:

    I said yes to this when I saw them singing together while In Guk played
    guitar. I hope the keep in contact and become close friends.

  3. Johaira Sunggod
    Johaira Sunggod says:

    me too,i hope they become close friends and still keep in touch so that
    jinhwan can gain more friends beside yg fsmily.. i get emotional watching
    this video..i miss watching them from mari and i.

  4. Teni LUV
    Teni LUV says:

    Awww I’m reminded of how much JinHwanie cried in that special last episode!
    Loved and will miss this bromance! Much respect and admiration shown! :*(

  5. Taylor Weeks
    Taylor Weeks says:

    I hope these two show up in an episode of celebrity bromance! I’d so watch
    that one. XD

  6. 준환윤찬동바비아이콘
    준환윤찬동바비아이콘 says:

    마리와 나ㅠ진심재밌는힐링예능이였는데ㅠㅠ잘될줄알았는데…근데 김진환얼굴 겁나작다ㅋㅋ완전얄상함

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