The SEO Ranking Factor You MUST Master In 2016 (and Beyond)

The SEO Ranking Factor You MUST Master In 2016 (and Beyond)
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”lyiikzjg9a0″ title=”The SEO Ranking Factor You MUST Master In 2016 (and Beyond)” upload_time=”2016-05-17T13:11:44.000Z” description=”If you want to rank in Google today, there’s a new SEO ranking factor to pay attention to. And if you optimize for this factor you can find yourself with higher” duration=”PT9M53S”]

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  1. Ivan Bayross
    Ivan Bayross says:

    I’m going to apply the APP formula to the Blog posts I create. It really
    does make tremendous sense. You really delivered huge value to me in this
    video. It was time well spent. Thanks Brian.

  2. Stoned Reality
    Stoned Reality says:

    backlinks the corner stone of google’s algorithm? …. well now i cant take
    your video seriously at all…

  3. Muhammad Galal
    Muhammad Galal says:

    Thanks Brian
    Although it is sometimes hard for me to apply such techniques on arabic
    website , I am eager to learn more …….

  4. Craig Kilgore
    Craig Kilgore says:

    How on earth could anyone thumbs down this video? Probably the sites you
    beat out for “how to get high” lol. Great video, Brian!

  5. RckyIRL
    RckyIRL says:

    It’s kind of strange that time on the website is a key factor now. Some of
    my websites I want to give the viewer the quickest route and make them get
    to what they want quickly. So I’ll get penalized for this now?

  6. Oum Saokosal
    Oum Saokosal says:

    Brian, i wanna subscribe your channel once again even I cannot. because you
    are so good. Never hide anything. I appreciate your works.

  7. OrganikWeb
    OrganikWeb says:

    I think you can use “Bucket Brigade” for videos also 🙂

    To keep user watching 9 min video, you need “Bucket Brigade”.

    In this carefully crafted video, Brian use sentences like



    “The #1 reason is…”

    “I’ll explain…”

    “Fortunately there’s a quick fix for that…”

    “For example…”

    “Here’s the truth..”

    “So what is it??”

    To keep us watching..

    Thank you Brian, you’re a genius.

  8. PBS Market
    PBS Market says:

    Great video Brian! I’m looking forward to implementing the APP Formula in
    my next Blog Post.

  9. Pete Kever
    Pete Kever says:

    Good stuff but your Analytics data is from 2014 (at the beginning of the
    video)…so obviously this user experience signal was important at that
    time too. Right? Not trying to nitpick…do you have some new data?

  10. Matthew Llanos Dee
    Matthew Llanos Dee says:

    You’re video is very informative. What a normal person would take an hour
    to explain, you gave it in just a few minutes. Thank you!!!!

  11. Jacek Jankowski
    Jacek Jankowski says:

    Thanks man, your copywriting background have made a golden tip of the year
    out of your experience for both SEO and copywriting niches

  12. red rojo
    red rojo says:

    u almost had me till I scrubbed to the end and there u go *click to
    subscribe.* NEVER ASK PEOPLE TO SUB, dummy. what’s the 1st rule in *fight
    club?* ? ?

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