What Is SEO?

What Is SEO?
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”UC3N1plmoyU” title=”What Is SEO?” upload_time=”2015-10-21T17:37:35.000Z” description=”What does SEO stand for and what does it mean for your site? When it comes to search results, the higher the page rank the better. Here are 5 ways to boost” duration=”PT5M23S”]


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  1. Mike McRitchie
    Mike McRitchie says:

    Very nice summary of SEO that is easy to grasp. Great job! I also like the
    quick pace like the sped up google search typing at the start.

  2. Andy Castillo
    Andy Castillo says:

    Excellent summary, I’ll use it more frequently when explaining users how to
    do SEO.
    I appreciate it!

  3. Speaker Tim White
    Speaker Tim White says:

    Bluehost + Yoast! A winning combination… and it rhymes! Thumbs up.

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