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How Realtors Use Social Media to Sell Your Home

Using Social Media to Sell Your Home

Social media has shrunk our world to the point that now you can reach a targeted global audience with the click of a mouse. Social media is especially valuable in the real estate industry, allowing realtors to instantly connect with targeted buyers and sell your home faster than ever before.


Here are a few of the social media tools your realtor will use to sell your home.


Create a Unique Facebook Page

Facebook is tops when it comes to social media, and local Realtors have discovered how to promote their listings using Facebook pages. In these technological times, the most successful Realtors know that to compete they must use the internet for leads and will have their own personal page and business page. Now, with Facebook, they can create a single page dedicated specifically to your home listing. The listing can host high-quality pictures and videos of your property, details about the house, as well as pricing, measurements, and contact information for interested buyers.


The unique page promoting your house will be shared with a targeted audience of prospective buyers who have shown an interest in buying a home. Your Realtor will use the page to promote your home on other Facebook pages as well as other social media accounts. When potential buyers comment or have questions, you and your realtor can monitor the page and reply instantly to their concerns.


Local Pinterest Realty Groups

Pinterest is a social media site where you can post high-quality images of just about anything. Real estate agents have discovered they can use Pinterest to get leads and drive traffic to the Facebook page promoting your house for sale. They simply create local boards and build a community of followers that help to grow the popularity of the boards, exposing it to more potential buyers.


One of the biggest benefits of using Pinterest is that your realtor is going to encourage other realtors or sellers to collaborate on the board, helping explode the views and get a larger audience to the posts. Building a digital community of potential buyers, means that each time you post a new picture of the house, it is instantly seen by Pinterest users!


The Power of Facebook Ads

When selling your home, you want to be able to get your listing in front of the right buyers as quickly as possible. Unlike advertising in the newspapers or real estate magazines, Facebook ads work the opposite way. Rather than your realtor spending time and money hoping the right buyer sees their ad in the local newspaper, the Facebook ad only appears on the pages of Facebook users who express interest in the local real estate. If the user searches for a home in your town on Facebook or Google, then your Facebook ad will appear prominently in front of the user.


Now if these users are aggressively looking for a house, they will be lead right to the Realtor’s website or Facebook page promoting the property. From there, these potential buyers can request a showing or follow the links for more details about the property with a few clicks of the mouse.


Video Tours on YouTube

Perhaps the biggest advantage for your Realtor to using social media when trying to sell your home is the ability to create videos that give potential buyers a chance to tour the house from the comforts of their home. YouTube is the number one social media site for videos, and millions visit the site daily, including those promoting real estate listings. Your Realtor can craft a stunning virtual tour of your property, and promote it to people searching for real estate in the area. The biggest advantage to using YouTube videos in real estate marketing is that your realtor can link to the video on their Facebook page, in e-mails, on Twitter, and even LinkedIn.

youtube for realtors

This social media platform also provides your Realtor another benefit, after the video has 100 unique views, it gets picked up by Google Search for real estate and now your listing is exposed to a global audience. Real estate agents can include a powerful call to action links under the video to help create a list of contacts and to schedule showings.


Twitter Real Estate Hashtags

Most Realtors have discovered that if they have clients buying a home or selling a house, they can get maximum exposure by utilizing Twitter to reach potential buyers. Your realtor knows that when it comes to selling your home, local leads are a premium. By using the Twitter hashtags, they can get more eyes on their listings instantly.


By using the right realty hashtags, your listing agent can get all the traffic from the top search terms to see their listing hour after hour. Realtors have discovered that they can reach a larger targeted audience for far less money and in less time by simply using Twitter hashtags.


The more social sites your Realtor is utilizing, the more potential buyers will have instant access to all the details concerning your listed property. With leads coming in from multiple social media platforms at the same time, all your realtor will have to do is schedule the showings and continue to drive more traffic to the videos and pages promoting your home to get you the best offer.

buying that second home

5 Reasons to Buy a Second Home

So…you have some equity built up or finished paying for your primary residence and you are wondering whether it makes sense to buy a second home.  Many homeowners who live in a large city like Boston, may be looking for that second home in a surrounding cities such as  Cohasset or Weymouth.  Some choose to purchase a second home so they can have a vacation style getaway and purchase a beachfront condo in Panama City.  You may want to retire to the music life of Austin TX.  There are many reasons someone may choose to invest in that second home; below are some of theadvantages that come with owning a second home.

Second Home As an Investment

The first is that it is an excellent form of investment. Stocks and other such assets fluctuate in value all the time and you can never be sure that you will make a profit. A home, however, is an investment that you can rely on to increase in value over time. If you have a long term project, such as sending your kids to university, you can buy a second home so that when the time comes you can cash in for the necessary funds.

Second Home as Source of Extra Income

5 reasons for purchasing a second homeA second home is also an excellent way to make money every year. With the massive popularity of Air BnB – it has become even easier to leverage a second property for income purposes.   You can rent it out or lease it for a good amount of money which you can use to fund your other projects. If you plan to use it as a vacation home you can plan it in such a way that during the time you want to go on vacation the home is empty.

Second Home For Tax Savings

If you don’t plan to rent out your home you may be in a position to see significant tax savings. So long as the home is not occupied for more than a couple of weeks a year the property taxes are deductible from your gross income.  Depending on your specific situation, there are many potential ways to leverage a second home as a tax writer.  Needless to say, you should defer to a tax professional before writing that offer.

Some of the Possible Tax Advantages

A Second Home as a Vacation Home

A second home provides you with a familiar place to go when you are on holiday. You will not have to worry about the hassle of staying in hotels and eating hotel food. You will have your holiday the way you like it – you can come and go as you please and you can eat whatever you like. If you have small children it is a particularly good idea because children don’t do very well when they are cooped up in hotel rooms. You will also enjoy a high level of convenience – you don’t have to worry about packing because you can store items in your second home. When the time comes for your holiday all you need to do is travel to your second home – you will not have to worry about packing and unpacking.  A second home is also a great place for gatherings – once or twice a year you can have the whole family come together and enjoy some time away from work.

buying your second home

buying your second home

A Second Home for Retirement

Lastly, if you want to retire well there is no better way than to choose a second home in a nice city. When the time comes you will sell your first home and the money that you make will go a long way in helping fund your retirement lifestyle.

There is no doubt that owning real estate is the #1 way that the average person can acquire wealth in the United States.  If you can make it happen — it is always recommended to invest in real estate.

Find a good real estate website — start searching.  Do the math.  You may be surprised what you are able to do.