Real Esate SEO

Levitate Web Design is Proud to Now Offer

Real Estate SEO

Levitate Web Design has specialized in building responsive websites for years.  At Levitate Web Design, we believe that people should stick to what they are great at; and we are great at building first class websites, but we wanted to expand our services.

What Is SEO?

SEO Search engine optimizationSEO or Search Engine Optimization, is the strategic work involved in having your business website rank well on all of the major search engines such as Google.  Although many web designers claim to “include SEO” in their web designs, we have come to find out that proper SEO, with real real results, takes a special skill set.

Truth is….Search Engine Optimization is NOT a one time thing.  It is not a button that you press—and now have SEO.  If you really want your website to rank, even for the easiest of keywords, that requires a true SEO specialist and takes a minimum of six months and usually one year or longer.  After the first year, your monthly SEO fees should be reduced as it is much easier to keep your current rankings than it is to move up.

See Where Your Real Estate Website Is For SEO

Are you interested to see how your real estate website ranks for SEO?  You can’t just Google it from your own computer.  But you can get started by running a report that gives in-depth information on how good the SEO is on your site.  You can use the Moz toolbar, which is free, or take a 14 day trial with SEMrush — which is a full blown SEO system that has every marketing tool you need.  If SEMrush is a little overload, just drop it before the 14 days is up ad get a full refund.

Why Real Estate SEO?

We have found that real estate websites require even more effort to properly rank on page one of Google than most business sites.  This holds true for a variety of reasons.  Many of the real estate websites that are built for the masses don’t even get indexed much less rank for any major keywords.

High Level Of SEO Competition

Almost every real estate agent and broker has a website.  According to the National Association of REALTORS, there is over 1 million real estate agents in the US.  Every single real estate website wants to rank for a very similar set of keywords such as ******* real estate or ***** homes for sale.  Almost every major metropolitan real estate market has thousands of real estate websites all fighting to be on page 1 of Google.  Unfortunately, only 10 sites are going to fit there.  If you want to rank for a major real estate search term, its going to take a high level of expertise in SEO for real estate.

Compete With Major Real Estate Portals

There are a handful of major real estate portals, with almost unlimited funds, that have a tremendous focus on real estate search engine optimization.  These sites like: Zillow,, Trulia and consistently rank on page one of Google for just about every search term, for every city.  Many Realtors, to catch the low hanging fruit, will attempt to rank for longer tail keywords that the large portals dont go after.

This substantially reduces the number of spots on page one that you may fit into.  Now you have reduced your target for success from 10 to 5 or 6.  Then you have to also compete with the major real estate franchises such as Remax, Century 21, Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker.  Depending on the size of the local franchises and local market share, you could see any (or all) of these on page one of Google.  Even some of the more progressive independent real estate brokers may have a dominate hold on the local SERPS.

Duplicate Content

You may have noticed that real estate websites have a large focus on real estate listings.  These are provided by the local MLS and ultimately get displayed on every real estate site in the local market.  Because duplicate content is a major issue with real estate SEO, this can create an additional level of complexity to ranking your real estate website.

They How Do We Rank Your Real Estate Website?

We have partnered with one of the most recognized names in real estate SEO in the country to rank the websites that we build for our real estate agents and brokers.  We have chosen to not cut any corners in providing on the best in real estate SEO for our clients.  In addition, because of our size, we were able to negotiate a great deal, so our clients get great results and the most affordable prices.

In Conclusion

We are happy to announce our new service of providing real estate SEO to all of our REALTOR clients.   So now, in addition to having a cutting edge website, our new set of SEO services include:

  • Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO
  • White Hat Back-links
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Syndication
  • Site Structuring
  • Guest Blogging
  • Internal Linking
  • And More!