seo trends for 2019

What are the latest SEO Trends for 2019?

SEO trends tend to change across time as the Internet continues to develop and come up with new features. Traditional SEO tasks, roles and strategies have all undergone changes in the past and the advent of some new directions for businesses and industries means that there will be considerable changes in SEO services.

Influence of Search Engines

The number of business owners coming to realize the importance of search engine authorship is increasing and author rank is being taken more seriously than before. Search engines are constantly trying to increase the click through rate for high quality content and this has signified an overall reduction in the complete number of search results being accompanied by proper authorship info, thereby leading to more competition among writers to generate good SEO content.

A tiered system is also coming into view next to the search results and the current situation is such that some search results display full authorship details while others are displayed merely with a simple byline. A few factors that continue to determine whether or not authorship snippets are included are the trustworthiness and reputation of the authors, along with the site that publishes the content.

Speculation continues regarding the fact that those who are unable to establish some amount of authority through author rank will slowly turn irrelevant. Though this is yet to happen, it is a strong reminder for marketers and writers to get their authorship set up now prior to reaching that point.

Social Media and Its Growing Power

Brands are slowly coming to terms with the newfound power of social media and the way it affects website traffic referrals and content dissemination. As many sites continue to actively struggle to earn even mediocre rankings in search engines, brands have become increasingly aware of seeing social media as a quicker way to get the content in front of the target audience and raise their website traffic.

New Avenues in Content Marketing

Most experts agree on the fact that it is no longer enough to merely come up with an SEO strategy but you also need to have “content marketing” techniques in place. The term content marketing has slowly started to replace SEO and it is evident that marketers must continue the focus on high quality content guided by solid keyword research based on SEO competition and focus on topical and long-tail targeting. However, the days of choosing some keywords and putting most of the efforts towards becoming the top ranked keyword is over.

seo trends

There is too much competition in most industries and there is always going to be at least one brand that is doing better and spending a larger budget than you. Therefore, a good and efficient content marketing strategy must seek to build the exposure for several long-tail keywords while, at the same time, raising awareness, credibility, authority, conversion rates and social media awareness.

Every content marketing strategy must have the best and time-tested SEO practices at its foundation, meaning that the SEO practices still remain useful. A technical knowledge of search engine optimization together with corresponding strategic content marketing plan seems to be the new weapon of choice for online marketers.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has gained a lot of prominence in recent times and both online marketers and SEO professionals understand the value of this strategy for building links, brand authority, credibility along with numerous other advantages.

Guest blogging should not merely comprise a means to get links but should rather focus on contributing excellent content in order to build an audience and reputation. Guest blogging is poised to remain an excellent strategy for building an audience along with a brand as well as a personal thought leadership plan. However, low quality and spammy guest blogging has become redundant and smart marketers are instead attempting to focus on using guest blogging for several other benefits.

SEO Expenses and Increasing Costs

SEO has become more expensive recently due to the increased difficulty in gaining inbound links and creating link-worthy content. Earlier, producing good content was easier since all you needed to do was get write some keyword-rich content, insert a few keyword-rich links to it, and voila!

However, with the increased difficulty in terms of rankings, business owners and marketers have come to realize that they must increase the investment in content creation and link building so as to rank in the search engines. Such large-scale investment in SEO and content creation means that brands need to thoroughly re-evaluate the types of content they are coming up with, and actively keep track of whether or not that content is allowing them to achieve their goals.