Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Beginners Guide

Digital Marketing   Disruptive technologies have led to a significant transformation in the real estate sector, just like many others. This movement has been accelerated by the current pandemic, which has only served to strengthen its…
SEO Search engine optimization
the steps to correcting mixed content errors2019

Mixed Content Issues

The Push for a More Secure Web Google is forcing websites to be labeled as secure.  They are doing this by leveraging the browser - Google Chome, to label non-secure sites directly in the address bar.  They are also speaking of making non-secure…
seo trends for 2019

The Latest Trends in SEO

What are the latest SEO Trends for 2019? SEO trends tend to change across time as the Internet continues to develop and come up with new features. Traditional SEO tasks, roles and strategies have all undergone changes in the past and the…
local search targeting

How Local SEO Can Impact Your Brick and Mortar Business

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is a term that in this day and age every local business owner should recognize. If you don’t know, or are scratching your head trying to figure it out the acronym. You need to read this article and, chances…
SEO Search engine optimization

How Much Does #SEO Cost?

How Much Should SEO Cost? Everyone has either gotten the phone call or e-mail from someone offering affordable SEO services starting at $99 per month!  Are these real?  Can they really get your website on "Page One Of Google" like they said? What…