Top Five Medical Websites

There are over 1 billion health-related searches on Google every single day, according to a report. This was about 7% of all searches on the platform before, and no one will be surprised when the 2022 data massively surpasses this number. 

After all, the internet is likely the first source to turn to with your health-related questions.

Among the many amazing websites out there, here are 5 choices when it comes to finding reliable medical and health information online.

Retreat At Sky Ridge

A luxury rehab facility differs greatly from the institutional, hospital-like settings of traditional programs. Many of these centers embrace a holistic approach to recovery, emphasizing the whole person and allowing the patient comfort and support in all areas as he or she works toward sobriety.

The ultimate goal: To offer treatment that is focused on recovery and adjusting to life after rehab in a way that will best suit their needs for comfort, privacy, and healing.

A luxury rehab facility allows a person to receive treatment in the most comfortable setting. These inpatient centers often offer highly customized programs to meet the unique needs of each client. Some even allow the client to help design his or her own treatment program, which may include a variety of therapies, medications, and counseling.



Health and medical information from the major league, WebMD is one of the most visited websites on health and wellbeing (WebMD is also the owner of Medscape, first on our list above).

The site provides credible information through its articles and featured contents, however, for patients, its biggest assets are the databases on the site: the symptom and conditions checkers, its segments on drugs&supplements, health&wellness and family planner resources. 

Physicians’ blogs on specific topics can really be helpful, and their community on their social media channels (like on their Facebook site) is a supportive network of patients and caregivers.

This English/Spanish site provides a resource on wellness and prevention for individuals and families. is intended to be a reference point for U.S.-based healthcare practitioners to recommend to people to get information about prevention and wellbeing.

The site is operated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It can be used for personalized preventive healthcare services recommendations – in the U.S., these results can be brought to the GP directly to discuss data with them. Its evidence-based health information is a great take-off point for healthy living.



As one of the most popular commercial diet plans around the world, it is no surprise that the Weight Watchers website has made an appearance on this list. 

According to web information company Alexa, users spend an average of eight minutes on the site with each visit, and unsurprisingly, it is most popular with women.

Mayo Clinic

One of the leading medical centers in the U.S., Mayo Clinic is focused on integrated patient care, education, and research. Their website provides detailed information about medical conditions and diseases – by browsing through its Disease & Conditions descriptions or by characterizing the illness in the Symptom Checker.

One of the most interesting features here is the Tests and Procedures search where patients can search for the possible treatment procedures and be knowledgeable about what awaits them or their beloved ones. 

Their articles are written based on the expertise of more than 3,300 physicians, scientists, and researchers from Mayo Clinic to empower patients through their shared research.

It’s good to be informed

It is worth verifying the reliability of any website that contains medical information. These quality features can be found:

  • Is the author of the article/website a doctor?
  • Are they following an editorial policy? If so, are patients or medical professionals able to oversee it?
  • Are there any guidelines regarding paid ads?
  • Are they able to provide clear contact information as well as an archive?
  • Does the mission and intention of the authors of this site have a clear description?