Top Five Medical Websites

Top Five Medical Websites

There are over 1 billion health-related searches on Google every single day, according to a report. This was about 7% of all searches on the platform before, and no one will be surprised when the 2022 data massively surpasses this number.  After…
building a website

Getting Started with a Website

Basics of Creating a Website There are many reasons you may need a website. Building your very own web site is more than just purchasing a domain, finding website hosting and deciding what kind of website creation software you'll use. Here's…
real estate websites

The Best Real Estate Websites are NOT What You Think

What The Best Real Estate Websites Have Many believe that the best real estate websites include Zillow, and Trulia. In fact, they are not.  The nationwide real estate portals simply do not have all of the listings. Local Real…
e-mail security for real estate agents

E-Mail Security and Real Estate Agents

Security is something we all think of regularly when it comes to technology. We use security software on personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. In the real estate world, every REALTOR and real estate broker use technology every day.  The…
Must Have Wordpress Plugins

My List of Must Have WordPress Plugins - Updated for 2018

Just updated for 2018! Upon reviewing our list, we are still BIG fans of all of the below plugins.  We did made an update to the Visual Composer review below.  In addition, we have added a couple to the bottom of the list. Seems like everyone…